Sustainable agriculture: preserving our future is important

Lorenzo LuciiFeb 28, '22

We have decided to start a voluntary certification process of great environmental, ethical and social value called EQUALITAS. It is a continuously evolving process, which involves not only Casa Lucii and its staff but also suppliers, all external collaborators and finally the neighborhood!

Grape Harvest 2020: Highlights of the Most Important Activity

Lorenzo LuciiOct 12, '20

Once again this year the most important and delicate part of our job has come to an end. The grape harvest 2020 of Casa Lucii lasted one month and gave many satisfactions. Discover the grape varieties harvested and the wines they will give life to.

Results Decanter World Wine Awards 2020

Lorenzo LuciiSep 23, '20

The results of the world's largest wine competition have finally come out. In this difficult year all three wines of Casa Lucii presented at the Decanter World Wine Awards convinced the international jury by winning two silver and one bronze medals. Discover the award-winning wines and their reviews.

Vin et musique : la bonne bande-son pour chaque vin

Lorenzo LuciiJul 28, '20

Le vin, comme la musique, nourrit l'âme avant le corps. Chaque vin comme chaque chanson éveille des émotions différentes grâce à leurs caractéristiques uniques. Casa Lucii présente sa propre combinaison de vin et de musique pour déguster tous les produits avec la bonne bande sonore.