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Tuscan Product

Spicchio IGT Rosato Toscano 2023


Spring in a bottle

"... the nose has intense and enveloping aromas of red fruit, raspberry, strawberry and pomegranate combined with hints of grapefruit and rose... The taste surprises for its freshness and vivacity ... An explosion "


Technical Notes

Grape variety: 50 % Ciliegiolo, 50 % Pinot Noir    
Alcohol content: 13%
Quantity: 0,750 l
Harvest date: end of August
Bottling Date: January 2024
Placing on the market: March 2024
Longevity: 1-2 years
Harvesting: exclusively manual with the selection of grapes
Farm vineyards: located in the municipality of San Gimignano
Laying and texture of the soil: hilly at 200/250 m above sea level, medium-textured soil of Pliocene origin
Vinification and ageing: soft pressing of the whole grapes, cooling of the must and fermentation at the controlled temperature. Refinement on fine lees in thermo-conditioned stainless steel and vitrified cement tanks.

Wine and Vintage

"...the oenological choice to use in equal measure organic grapes of the company's production of Ciliegiolo and Pinot Noir allows us to combine the sweetness of the former with the particular aromaticity of the latter. The early harvest is partly due to the type of grape varieties used and partly to the desire to preserve the acid-base necessary to enhance the aromas and freshness of the wine..."


Pairings and Serving Notes

Spicchio 2023 is an ideal aperitif and it also accompanies first courses with vegetables, chicken curry with apples, side dishes of vegetables, cereals and legumes, truffle dishes, fried pumpkin flowers and hazelnut ice cream and endless ethnic and exotic dishes where you look for freshness and simplicity.
Ideal glass: tulip-shaped goblet
Serving temperature: 8-10°.



Spicchio is the name of the wine as well as the name of the rooster represented in the label synonym of liveliness.
The historical label has been redesigned in order to condense more information in a smaller label. The name of the wine in blue to remember the sky and the sea; then the blend, the vegan  and organic logos.
At the foot of the label the brand with its motto. All of this has been thought in order to leave ample space to the pink color of the wine on the friendly, transparent bottle.  

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