Wine and Music: the Right Soundtrack for Every Wine

Lorenzo LuciiJul 28, '20

Wine like music nourishes the soul before the body. Every wine like every song awakens different emotions thanks to their unique characteristics. Casa Lucii presents its own wine and music combination to taste all the products with the right soundtrack.

God Save the Wine in Florence: a magnificent night!

Lorenzo LuciiJul 25, '20

What can we say about the God Save the Wine event in Florence two days ago? Absolutely spectacular. The terrace in the centre of Florence, the beautiful cathedral in the background and the wine enjoyed in company made the evening unforgettable for us at Casa Lucii.

Casa Lucii and God Save The Wine

Lorenzo LuciiJul 9, '20

Even if it seemed impossible, the good season finally arrived and especially the chance to discover again wine together! Casa Lucii and God save The Wine are ready and invite you to two of the coolest places in Tuscany with an inimitable mix of lightness, fun and professionalism at the...

Spicchio: a Special Tuscan Rose Wine

Lorenzo LuciiJul 6, '20

There are many different conceptions of Tuscan rose wine in our region. Every company with the intent to produce it tries to find its dimension. We produced the first Tuscan rose wine in 2015. From the beginning, we desired to enhance some specific types of grapes grown in particular organic...