Spicchio: a Special Tuscan Rose Wine

There are many different conceptions of Tuscan rose wine in our region. Every company with the intent to produce it tries to find its dimension. We produced the first Tuscan rose wine in 2015. From the beginning, we desired to enhance some specific types of grapes grown in particular organic vineyards.

tuscan rose wine-spicchio-casalucii

The first grape of our Tuscan rose wine

The first of the two grapes is the Pinot Noir. What makes this vine so famous is the production of monovarietal wines but above all of sparkling wine/champagne. Its name seems to derive from the shape of the bunch so small and compact that among us we jokingly call it "light bulb". We have a small plot of pinot noir in the vineyards of Podere Pretenero. Every year we were picking these grapes in over-ripening at the beginning of September. Unfortunately, these small quantities gave a mediocre oenological result. The phenological characteristics of the plant and the Mediterranean climate make the ripening of these grapes early. Also, the organic cultivation in a typical seasonal trend shortens the vegetative period and anticipates the date of harvest of the grapes.

The white vinification of the Tuscan rose wine

In 2015 we decided to bring forward the harvest period to the third decade of August. We vinified the grapes in white. Then, we sent them intact to the press to separate the skins from the must. This process allows the production of white or rose wines starting from red grapes. It is possible because the coloring substances of the grape, called anthocyanins, are placed in the skin. Therefore only the maceration of the must with the skins allows extracting the color.

The choice of the second grape

The young wine we produced immediately proved to be superb but incomplete: it lacked complexity and softness. Therefore we have included in the production process of our Tuscan rose wine Spicchio an autochthonous grape: Ciliegiolo. This grape owes its name to the shape of the berry and one of its primary aromas reminiscent of cherries. This variety ripens early like the Pinot Noir, and the result of its white vinification perfectly suited to the idea of the company's Tuscan rose wine. The union of these two grape varieties in equal quantities was the winning card. We have thus produced a Tuscan rose wine as unusual as it is unforgettable.

tuscan rose wine-spicchio-casalucii

Perfect pairings for our Tuscan rose wine

The perfect moment for drinking our Tuscan rose wine is during summer. However, you can also enjoy it just for the search of an aromatic freshness at any other time of year. Spicchio is an ideal aperitif, but it also accompanies well first courses with vegetables, chicken curry with apples, side dishes of vegetables, hazelnut ice cream and endless ethnic and exotic dishes where you look for freshness and simplicity.

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tuscan rose wine-spicchio-casalucii

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