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Tuscan Product


Il Canto IGP Toscano Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023


Tuscan excellence to discover

"...intensely fruity, fresh, slightly herbaceous nose, in the mouth intense, enveloping, with notes of artichoke and chilli pepper, dense, full-bodied and with a wide and prolonged aftertaste. An explosion of freshness and flavour ..."


Technical Notes

Olives varieties: Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Pendolino
Acidity: 0.28 %.
Packaging: glass bottle with an anti-bubble cap with a capacity of 250ml/ 500ml
Ingredients: only 100 % organic olives of our production
Collection date: end of October
Bottling Date: November 2022
Placing on the market: November 2022
Harvesting: exclusively manual
Olive groves: located in the municipalities of San Gimignano and Certaldo.
Layer and texture of the soil: hilly at 200/300 m above sea level, medium-textured soil of Pliocene origin
Processing: in trusted certified organic crushers. Washing and sorting of the olives, hammer pressing, weaving in closed tanks at low temperature, continuous separation.
Storage: in stainless steel tanks saturated with nitrogen in thermo-conditioned environments.

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Casa Lucii Best Tuscan Oil Winner Tuscany Selection

Oil and Vintage

" preserve their freshness and integrity, the olives are harvested early and pressed on the same day. The 2022 vintage was particularly demanding for the cultivation of the olive tree as the cold and rainy spring delayed the flowering which was then heavily penalized by the sweltering June. September and October sunny and cool nights allowed the olives to ripen correctly, later than average, but with an excellent supply of polyphenols, aromas and fatty acids"


Pairings and Preservation

An irreplaceable food in the Mediterranean diet for its healthy qualities due to the richness of antioxidant polyphenols, vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. Given its natural concentration, it is recommended to use it in small raw doses to flavour the most varied dishes.
Preservation notes: at room temperature protected from sunlight.



The dark background is made up of a large central oil green rectangle in which the law is inserted. In the upper part, there is the historical company logo: a parchment on which the company name is engraved with the motto "in humo virtus". In the lower part, there are three symbols of the nine companies to symbolize the cultivation of the olive tree: the shell to represent our land of marine origin, water, necessary in small quantities, but indispensable to the life of the plant and the wind, bearer of life in the period of pollination of olive flowers.