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Tuscan Product

Curato DOC Vin Santo del Chianti 2013


An Explosion of Warm and Intriguing Sensations

"...intense golden yellow color with amber tones. In the glass, you can immediately perceive the great density and concentration. The nose is a triumph of warm sensations; notes of raisins, dried fig, walnut and honey, followed by scents of date, dried apricot, candied fruit, citrus peel. In the mouth the correspondence with the olfactory notes is exemplary. The great sweetness is perfectly balanced by the long stay in the wood. The oxidative character acts as a bond for its great aromatic baggage ..."


Technical Notes

Grape variety: Trebbiano, San Colombano
Alcohol content: 15%
Quantity: 0,500 l
Harvest Start Date: 14 Settembre 2013
Bottling Date: July 2020
Placing on the market: August 2020
Bottled Quantity: 1000 numbered and dated bottles of 0.5 litres
Longevity: 30-50 years
Harvesting: exclusively manual in small boxes
Farm Vineyards: located exclusively in the municipality of San Gimignano
Layer and texture of the soil: hilly at about 200/300 m above sea level, medium-textured soil of Pliocene origin
Vinification and Ageing: soft pressing of the dried grapes, insertion of the must flower in the caratelli together with the "mother" of the previous years.  Slow fermentation. Permanence in the caratelli inside the vinsantaia room for at least 5/6 years.

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Insights on the Production Process

"...Curato follows the canons of the most ancient Tuscan tradition. Its goodness is equal to the slowness of the production process that uses the mother yeasts handed down from generation to generation. In the pre-bottling blending phase, very small quantities of product with different sensory characteristics due to the quality of the caratello wood, the quality of the grapes and the fermentation process are skillfully mixed in order to obtain a well-balanced product with a powerful sensory identity at the same time..."


Pairings and Serving Notes

Curato 2013 is an excellent accompaniment to pastry preparations, especially to traditional Tuscan Cantucci. These dry cookies are prepared with whole almonds and are literally soaked in Vin Santo. The "Cantucci and Vin Santo" are a great way to end dinner or enjoy a moment of relaxation. It is also ideal with typical Tuscan desserts such as Ricciarelli di Siena, Buccellato (a cake with raisins and aniseed) or the traditional castagnaccio. Out of the box, Curato can also be an excellent aperitif or be paired with blue cheeses such as sweet gorgonzola. Finally, Curato is also excellent as a meditation wine giving moments of great pleasure.
Ideal Glass: tulip-shaped goblet
Serving Temperature: 10-12°



The light capsule and label background color highlight the beautiful Curato color visible on transparent glass.
The band placed horizontally as a connecting element between the capsule and the wine shows in the central part the number of the bottle and the date to which it is tied; on the left side appears the inscription "only one thousand numbered bottles" and on the right side "the first thousand days of Curato's life".
In the upper part of the label appears the hot gold symbol of the moon then re-proposed in its phases, to more careful observation, at the four corners of the label.
Immediately below the proper name of the wine with its geographical qualification, there is the box of symbols compressed and defined by a gold thread showing in the lower part, a reverse inscription in the style of Leonardo da Vinci. The colors of the symbols, unlike Arturo's label, have warm tones that retrace the chromatic complexity of the wine. At the base, in gold, the name of the winery.

curato-casa lucii-vin santo del chianti-vin santocurato-casa lucii-vin santo del chianti-vin santo