20 Years Organic Farming Anniversary 2000-2020

"...a great satisfaction but only a step in the company life..."

organic farming wine certification Casa LuciiBack in 1997, our family of farmers already had to produce without using synthetic pesticides or herbicides. In those years, they were beginning to perceive their real danger and long-term adverse effects on the environment. We, therefore, decided to formalize our ethical choices and to adhere to the European organic certification regulation with part of the vineyards. The most significant concern was, however, that we were unable to protect our grapes and olives, especially in adverse vintages because only a high-quality raw material allows us to produce excellent wines and oils. These doubts were quickly dispelled, and in the year 2000, all the farmland was certified organic.

harvest San Gimignano Casa Lucii organic wine organic farm
The first years were years of substantial changes, as the climate changes are today because we have learned to measure the effects of our agronomic actions with the quality of our young organic wines.
In the early years, the improvement in the quality of the wine was immediate from a health point of view, but it was not from a quality point of view; often there were "defects" in the aromas that required corrections in the way we worked both in the oenological and agronomic aspects. To give an example, we had to anticipate the harvest because the vines grown with organic farming methods ripen their grapes first, and we had to shorten, on average, the maceration on the skins during the fermentation of the wine...

Entering the organic planet has opened the doors to a new way of thinking; Nature has its rules and only by knowing them and following them can we think to produce easily good grapes and olives. To do this, we need plants, with a contained vegetative state, with sufficient living space for a correct microclimate, located in suitable hilly areas. To achieve this requires a continuous interactive agronomic work.

Finally, to allow us to broaden the consumer audience, we have started, since the last harvest, to produce and certify vegan some of our wines.

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